Three years ago, in an effort to get myself healthier, I took up running. I started with a couch to 5k app I found (RunDouble) and my first efforts weren’t even close to the amount of running I was “supposed” to be able to do. (The couch part was seriously underestimated there!)  The program started with something like 8 total minutes of running over the 1/2 hour – I managed 1 1/2 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I finished each week of the program! Most weeks I repeated the last day until I was able to run the entire time I was supposed to. It took me almost 10 weeks to get through the end of week 3. Almost 10 months later, I ran my first 5k straight through, at the race!

Running bib

The following spring, I ran my first 5 mile race at Heritage Vineyards. A couple more races, and then I stopped registering for them. I found my drive to run waned as a result. I considered another 5k, or 5 mi, or even shooting for a 10k.  Instead of trying to find another race to do, I’ve switched it up. This fall I’ll be doing the Bike MS: City to Shore, where I’ll be riding 80 miles from Cherry Hill NJ to Ocean City NJ. I’m a little nervous, since I haven’t done any double digit distances on a bike in quite some time… but I have 30 weeks to train.


I am looking for financial support. Donations can be made directly through their website or given to me in person. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

– Brook