Brook attended my birth two months ago and was amazing. I finally decided to hire a doula for my third baby and so wish I had Brook at my other two births. She was somehow able to know exactly what I needed when I needed it and helped me achieve my perfect birth experience. Highly recommend! – F

Brook was amazing and I would recommend her to anyone who is giving birth. She was so attentive and thoughtful about being with me and my needs. What a great experience to have her be a part of my support team! – M

I strongly suggest using a doula. Brooke was awesome. She helped keep me calm and relaxed. Her hand massages were great, and she was a huge help to my husband. We are honored to have been her first birth. We had always planned on having an epidural, and with her help we were able to wait until reaching 7cm dilated. I would absolutely recomend brooke for your birth. Thank you for being a part of the best day of our life. – A

As the end of my pregnancy drew near it quickly became clear I would need to be induced early due to severe preeclampsia. …  The day of my induction, Brooke arrived to help me get settled in and made sure I was comfortable as the long process started. …  Her support and suggestions for pain relief played a crucial role in my labor. She even tended to me so my husband could get a nap! … If you’re looking for a Doula, look no further! – S